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First Mile Solutions team members as featured in The 2002 MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition for their Business Plan, "DonkeyNet" which was spun-out from MIT as First Mile Solutions.

USA Headquarters

United Villages, Inc.
1 Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Phone: +1 (617) UNITED-V


Amir Alexander Hasson
Amir has a background in entrepreneurship, IT management, and business development internationally. He received his Bachelor's from Wesleyan University and then worked for start-ups in New York City during the .com boom. He received his Master's degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management in June 2002 and then served as the Business Development Manager for MIT Media Lab Asia. Amir spun-out First Mile Solutions (FMS) from MIT in 2003. Please visit amirhasson.com for more information about Amir.

Olufemi Omojola
Femi is a former research assistant in the Physics and Media Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory. He received the S.B. degree in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and a Masters of Engineering in 2001. Femi has a background in digital electronics design, embedded systems design, automatic identification technology, large scale software system design, as well as numerous wireless technologies. Femi also has extensive programming experience and served at Microsoft Corporation developing Windows operating system test software and Microsoft Office database systems. His interests include flexible reconfigurable hardware architectures for signal processing, applications for human-computer interfaces and software system design and engineering.

Rich Fletcher
Rich received his PhD at the MIT Media Lab specializing in low-cost wireless electronics and sensors, with 6 patents issued and 7 pending. He has 6 years industry experience and 5 years military experience working on wireless and RFID devices. Rich has developed wireless products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Motorola, MasterCard, and Becton Dickinson, as well as organizations such as the U.S. Post Office and NASA. He serves on the advisory board of other wireless and RFID companies. Rich was also an MIT undergrad (Physics and Electr.Eng.) and related work has included low-cost satellite-linked environmental probes deployed in Mt. Everest, Antarctica, and Costa Rica. Rich was born in Colombia, South America.

Prof. Alex Sandy Pentland
Sandy is a pioneer in wearable computers, health systems, smart environments, and technology for developing countries. He is one of the most-cited computer scientists in the world. He is a co-founder of the Wearable Computing research community, the Center for Future Health, the international Digital Nations Consortium, and was the founding director of the Media Lab Asia. He was formerly the Academic Head of the MIT Media Laboratory, and is the Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences. Sandy has won numerous international awards in the Arts, Sciences and Engineering. He was chosen by Newsweek as one of the 100 Americans most likely to shape the next century.

Advisory Board

John Seely Brown
Dr. Brown is currently a visiting scholar at USC and prior to that he was the Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and the director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)-a position he held for nearly two decades. While head of PARC, Brown expanded the role of corporate research to include such topics as organizational learning, knowledge management, complex adaptive systems, ethnographic studies of the workscape and nano technology. He was a cofounder of the Institute for Research on Learning (IRL). His personal research interests include the impact of globalization on business, the management of radical innovation, digital culture, ubiquitous computing and organizational and individual learning. John, or as he is often called -JSB- is a member of the National Academy of Education and a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and of AAAS and a Trustee of Brown University and the MacArthur Foundation. He serves on numerous public boards (Amazon, Corning, Varian Medical Systems and Polycom) and private boards of directors.

F.C. Kohli
F.C. Kohli is considered the "grandfather" of the Indian IT revolution and the entire industry. Academia and government credit him for making India the software powerhouse that it is today. A student of MIT, he started and led Tata Consultancy Services, Asia's largest Software services provider and the world's sixth largest growing company. F.C. Kohli's oft quoted words are "I have been building people - I will continue to build people till the end". He has been honoured all over the world with conferred Doctorate degrees. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and was President, IEEE Region 10. Kohli's is also credited for his work with adult literacy programs and their impact throughout India.

Daniel Aghion

Daniel Aghion is the Executive Director and CoFounder of the Wireless Internet Institute (W2i), which helps to build standards and bring stakeholders together in the field of wireless Internet. W2i is an independent think tank bringing together stakeholders around the world to accelerate the adoption of wireless Internet in support of universal connectivity for economic, social and educational development. Daniel has worked with large-scale network equipment and enterprise software providers, including Digital Communications Associates (DCA), GlobeID, International IDE/Aranex, and Micro Connection International. Daniel began his career as a publisher in the business-publishing field.

Stacy Standley
Mr. Standley is the Managing Director of BG Products, Inc. and BG Products, India. He is also an Aspen Insitute Advisor to the Aspen Institute India.  He was director of the Worldwide Fund for Nature Living Planet Campaign in Switzerland.  As President of Earth Voices, Mr. Standley produced the summary of the 1992 Earth Summit hosted by the Aspen Institute.  Mr. Standley served three terms as Mayor of Aspen, Colorado and was a director of the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.  Mr. Standley holds both a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree in Business from the University of Colorado.  He resides with his wife, Chand-Sikand, in both New Delhi and Las Vegas.



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